Keith was born in Chicago, and started to play guitar when he first heard Fly By Night & Limelight by Rush. The guitar intros to these songs were easy enough to learn and sounded great. He continued to learn songs by Metallica, Def Leppard and UFO, continuing to develop his own style with these influences. After never being in a band, he put down his electric guitar and would just strum his 12-string, not thinking he would ever be in a band. Little did he know that many of the riffs he wrote on his 12-String, would develop into many of the songs The Control plays today. He moved to Annapolis, MD in August of 2009. His interest for music was renewed when he put an ad up for a drummer. After a few good jam sessions, he decided to start writing songs for a band he wanted to form. Some of Keiths main influences in his music include Zakk Wylde, Iced Earth, Steve Earle, Danzig, Vintage Metallica, The Tea Party and Tyla. Even though you may hear some punk influences, he never actually listened to punk music.

Jason is from Maryland and picked up the guitar when he was 15. He’s played in a few Maryland bands including Riedel and Ransack. When Keith contacted Jason to audition for The Control, he listened to the songs and was instantly hooked on the style and felt he had something to contribute to the unique atmosphere. It got better. Once they’d jammed, it all started falling into place and he knew he just had to do this. His playing roots are in Grunge, Heavy Metal, Industrial, Punk and Classic Rock. Some of his greatest influences have been The 69 Eyes, Bush, Stabbing Westward, Jimi Hendrix, AFI, Queensrÿche, CKY, Led Zeppelin and Killing Joke among others.

Dan rocks and plays with an energy that can power the world......his love for The Foo Fighters drives his playing style and brings intense energy to The Control.

Chris plays bass with a fury. His love of music shows as he jams on stage. His vocals kill it and he loves to cool down while playing....this must be seen in person.

Roxy has the best "Growl" for rock in the industry. She is smart, protective and is always up for a good jam. Dont let her cute looks fool you, this girl is a killer!

June 9, 2012 CHICAGO - US Beer Co.

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The Brass Monkey - Nov 5th, 2011

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