The Control started in the Summer of 2010.  A lone rocker moved to the Annapolis area from Chicago.  With great luck, trials and tribulations he found a local drummer, Charles.  They rocked the house for a few weeks before they decied to audition bass players.  After a few major disappoints in personality, drive and attitude, Jesiel showed up.  He plugged in his 5 String bass and the music came to life!  His love of the original tunes and energy added a whole new dimension to the music. The Control then decided to add another guitar player with vocal abilities.  After a few good and not so good guitar players, Jason came aboard and added his thoughtful playing style and ripping solos to the songs. 
The Control hit the studio to record its Demo CD right after Charles had to move to California.   The tracks are raw and recorded live.
With Charles gone, but hardly forgotten...The Control had to find another drummer to fill his shoes.  This would not be an easy task.   Many drummers came and went, some great musicians, but lacking the power we were looking for. Four more tracks were recorded during the interview process (Walking on Glass, Charlotte Dream, Rock n Roll and a remix of Rise Up) with electronic drums.
Then Dan showed up and he exceeded The Control's expectations.  The Control then took this energy, creating many more songs.  Our desire to create original music remains and we have over 18 songs in the works, and more keep coming all the time.  We are a great live band and like Pure Rock Fury!  We hope you like our page and enjoy the songs we have composed.  The Control is nothing without our fans. We shall rock with you as long as you will have us!
Jesiel moved on and Chris came in with a positive attitude and a new breath to The Control. Since his additions The Control has written over 10 new original songs and is excited to share them with the world.
Rock on!!!
The Control is:
Keith  - Guitars, vocals
Chris - Bass, vocals
Jason - Guitar, vocals
Dan - Drums, vocals